Wethersfield Probate Attorney

Probate Representation

People often don’t want to spend the money to set up a living trust because no one thinks they will die anytime soon. If your loved one didn't properly plan or have their estate plan up to date, Kevin L. Mason can help you navigate the Probate process and minimize the difficulty of probate court.

The Probate Process

If you have had a loved one die who owns real estate, their estate is subject to probate. Once a petition is filed, a personal representative is assigned, assets are inventoried and appraised, and creditors and heirs are notified. Those who just had a will (or no plan at all) must go through Probate to prove the will is valid.

Probate is a time-consuming and expensive process. However, Wethersfield Attorney Kevin L. Mason is equipped and able to help you through the process as quickly and easily as possible.

Avoid Probate

Wethersfield Probate Lawyer Kevin L. Mason can help you avoid the pain, frustration, family division, time and expense of the Connecticut Probate Court by creating an estate plan or living trust that will protect and provide for your loved ones when the unexpected happens.

It is devastating to lose a loved one and feuds over the estate only exacerbate an already painful situation. These family debates also eat away at the estate through attorneys’ fees and the time and energy of those involved.

Wethersfield Probate Attorney

If you'r looking for a trusted Wethersfield Probate Lawyer with over 25 years experience, Wethersfield Probate Attorney Kevin L. Mason can help you through this difficult process.

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