What You Should Know About Bankruptcy

Kevin L. Mason is dedicated to helping clients resolve their financial problems and obtain debt relief, whether the problem stems from a business failure, a mortgage foreclosure, garnishment, levy, attachment, repossession, judgment, a law suit, credit card debt, taxes, medical bills, gambling or other obligations. Attorney Mason is a debt relief agency under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

• The burden of credit card debt, coupled with the loss of a job and other employment, divorce, taxes, mortgage foreclosures, gambling addiction or an unanticipated medical problems can strike when you least anticipate it.
• Asking for assistance to restore your financial house is not a sign of failure. Failure comes from doing NOTHING!
• Several alternatives exist in bankruptcy to assist in turning your financial crisis around!
• Under Chapter 7, a debtor is allowed to discharge certain debts, and generally protect and retain all of their assets.
• Under Chapter 13, a debtor can retain all of their assets and if necessary, bring current delinquencies on their homestead, if threatened by foreclosure. Furthermore, Chapter 13 allows a debtor to restructure a payment plan with regard to delinquent Federal and State taxes.

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